Lower Maplewood Park

Lower Maplewood Park is one of several parks in Rochester designed by the firm of Frederick Law Olmsted, which also designed Central Park in New York City. It provides a dramatic natural landscape on the west side of the Genesee River gorge, and was designed as part of Seneca Park, across the river to the east. Its linear design features a system of gracefully curving drives and paths along the edge of the gorge.

The park has plenty of parking, located next to a training facility for city employees. There is a proposal to convert the building into a nature center. Tap the thumbnail to see a rendering of what it might look like. The park also includes a playground and open spaces for soccer and other games.

For a wonderful view of the river, cross the street at the stoplight and head down the ramp that's just to the right of the Genesee River Trail sign. At the bottom of the ramp, there's a bridge which connects to Seneca Park on the east side of the river, which was also designed by the firm of Frederick Law Olmsted.

Lower Maplewood Park is located along the Genesee River Trail. You can bike or hike this trail north to Lake Ontario, or south to the Lower Falls.

For Genesee River Trail information, tap: https://www.cityofrochester.gov/grt/

Lower Maplewood Park
  • Lower Maplewood Park