Fairport is a historic village along the Erie Canal. The Erie Canal is America's most famous and important man-made waterway. It helped open the American frontier by providing a route west for settlers. From its earliest days, the Erie Canal transformed what had once been known as Perrinsville into a very "fair port” for an overnight stay by passing travelers.

The great packet boats and barges have been replaced by recreational boaters, tour boats, canoes and kayaks. The old towpath, where mules once pulled the barges, is now a great spot for walking, jogging, and biking.

When the railroad came to Fairport in 1853, it turned this growing community into one of the leading centers of transportation and industry of its time in upstate New York. Today, the Village of Fairport features quiet, tree lined streets, specialty shopping, and front porch friendliness.

For a walking tour of Fairport, tap: https://perinton.org/wp-content/uploads/Walking-Tour.pdf

Fairport - Erie Canalway Trail at Main St Bridge
  • Fairport, New York