Corn Hill Landing Park

Corn Hill Landing Park is nestled in the heart of Corn Hill, one of Rochester's most historic and diverse neighborhoods. The promenade along the Genesee river provides a wonderful view of downtown Rochester. It was developed in 2007, converting what was once an industrial site into a mixed-use development featuring public spaces along the river, along with apartments, restaurants, and retail stores.

The public realm at Corn Hill Landing Park is shared by a diverse group of people who may be enjoying a walk or bike ride, exercising, dining, or simply relaxing by themselves or in groups.

The park features seating areas and a public art sculpture. It’s also a trailhead for the popular Genesee Riverway Trail. The park often serves as a starting point, or a resting point, for a bike ride, run, or stroll along the river.

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Corn Hill Landing Park
  • Corn Hill Landing Park

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