Rochester Plates

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This tour will help you find a great spot to enjoy Rochester’s most iconic meal. Since the name “Garbage Plate” is trademarked by Nick Tahous, we’ll call it the “Rochester Plate”. On the menu, it might be the “Trash Plate”, the “Great Plate” or the “Junkyard Plate”. The classic version includes two hamburgers atop home fries and “mac” (macaroni) salad, covered in a meaty “hot sauce”, onions, and mustard, with Italian bread on the side. But variations may substitute Rochester white hots, cheeseburgers, Italian sausage, or even chicken or steak, along with French fries and baked beans in place of the home fries and “mac” salad. Some restaurants have created upscale or “healthy” versions, but you’ll have to find those on your own.

The “Rochester Plate” is a late-night favorite for college students, who credit it with eliminating hangovers. For a video showing the original and upscale versions, tap:

Enjoy your plate!

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